Al Saqlawiyat 

The Saqlawi strain belongs to Al Khamsa, decending to the five famous mares of the prophet Mohammed. The name is derived from saqla, meaning kicking.

Among the many Saqlawi families the Saqlawi Jidran are the most common and famous. For the name Jedran two possible explanations are handed down: Either from Jidran, one of three sons of Ibn Ad Derri of the Gomussa beduins. Or from the clan Al Judran of the Rualas, derived from Jebel Jidran in Asir, there the Ruala had lived in past times before they migrated north (after 1790 with the upcoming of the Wahabbites). Count Rzewuski records in his book that the Saqlawi Jidran are the most highly regarded and best horses among the bedouins.

Most distinguishing characteristics: Feminine grace and elegance. The ideal Saqlawi represents beauty and refinement in the extreme. Feminine in appearance, they are of equal endurance to the Kuhaylan strains. They are very high-spirited and are natural show horses. They have also succeeded admirably on the race track.

Conformation: Overall, they are well balanced with good height. They are longer-backed than the Kuhaylan and have strong level toplines with high tail carriage. They are are lighter in bone than the Kuhaylan. The head is longer and slightly narrower than the Kuhaylan. Eyes are large, dark and placed lower in the skull than in the Kuhaylan. Nostrils are extremely fine. Skin and hair very silky. The neck is longer than the Kuhaylan but in proportion to a longer body. Well-shaped and slender, and carried high.

Our Saqlawiyat Jidran stallions