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Straight Egyptian Arabian mare for sale

We are currently offering a 5-years old straight Egyptian Arabian mare for sale.

Raia is a straight Egyptian Arabian mare, home-bred, blue list, kuhaylah ajuz strain, about 1m48-49 and CA/N/N. Granddaughter of our foundation mare Salome XI.

Raia has fantastic movements and great conformation. She is very showy but with excellent temperament and is really bombproof. Will grow into a typey flea-bitten grey mare.

Out of a family of proven endurance horses (Zahir CEI France, FA Desmond CEI Spain). Raia is already broken in to ride.

You are welcome to make an appointment to view her, just give us a call on +32 475 681 087 (Patrick). Her sire Shaikh Al Damaran is at our place as well.


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