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Past Arabian horses

The first pure bred Arabian mare was acquired in 1987 at the European championships in Ostend. Calypta (Varallo x Rapello HT) was a 2-year old filly of mainly Russian and Crabbet bloodlines Calypta. She was the foundation mare of four generations. The last mare of her bloodline was sold in 2022 when we decided to focus on asil, straight Egyptian bloodlines.

In 2002 we imported the stallion La Mirage (Salaa el Dine x Bint Mangani) from Germany who grew into an iconic Arabian stallion siring superb offspring on 3 continents, several excelling in endurance like Namir in France. 

In 2004 we acquired our first straight Egyptian Arabian mare Schabaka (Sefir x Salome XI). After moving to larger premises in 2005, other horses were acquired such as the straight Egyptian Arabian mare Salome XI (Madkour I x Suhair), the straight Egyptian Arabian stallion Vashara Chamal (Chalil x Assilah) and the pure bred Arabian mare Om El Shabanu (Estashan Ibn Estopa x Om El Shabana). The line of Salome XI is currently still present through her granddaughter Raia (Shaikh Al Damaran x Schabaka).

In 2014 the straight Egyptian stallion FA Wanis (HT Al Khurafa x Flaxman's Gwanisa) arrived as a wedding gift. He produced Muna (out of El-Jahrousse), a pure bred mare exported to France and the stunning Tariq, a straight Egyptian stallion (out of Schabaka) who unfortunately passed away after an accident at the age of 4. 

In 2016 Shaikh Al Damaran (Shaikh Al Kuran x HT Damietta) came over from Scotland and in 2021 and 2022 more straight Egyptians were acquired: in France the mare Mouna Bint Amarid (GR Amarid x Mouhannas Zera) and in Germany the mare Sabiyah El Bukra (Halim El Naarah x Samantha Samiha) as well as KP Aleem (KP Al Nakib Ibn Tameen x KP Aleena).

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