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About AxiBel Arabian horses

The first Arabian mare was acquired in 1987 at the European championships. Calypta (Varallo x Rapello HT) was a 2-year old filly of mainly Russian and Crabbet bloodlines and became the foundation mare of several generations: Rifala (Sheer Insouciance x Calypta), El-Jahrousse (La Mirage x Rifala) and Muna (FA Wanis x El-Jahrousse). Meanwhile El-Jahrousse produced 2 more extraordinary fillies by Shaikh Al Damaran for her new owner.

In 2002 the stallion La Mirage (Salaa el Dine x Bint Mangani) of Egyptian, Crabbet & Russian bloodlines was imported from Germany who grew into an iconic Arabian stallion siring superb offspring on 3 continents, several excelling in endurance like Namir in France. 

Around the same time we acquired our first straight Egyptian Arabian mare Schabaka (Sefir x Salome XI) and her dam Salome XI (Madkour I x Suhair), as well as the straight Egyptian Arabian stallion Vashara Chamal (Chalil x Assilah) and the pure bred Arabian mare Om El Shabanu (Estashan Ibn Estopa x Om El Shabana).

In 2014 the straight Egyptian stallion FA Wanis (HT Al Khurafa x Flaxman's Gwanisa) arrived as a wedding gift. He produced Muna (out of El-Jahrousse), a pure bred mare exported to France and the stunning Tariq, a straight Egyptian stallion (out of Schabaka) who unfortunately passed away after an accident at the age of 4. 

In 2016 Shaikh Al Damaran (Shaikh Al Kuran x HT Damietta) came over from Scotland and in 2021 and 2022 more straight Egyptians were acquired: in France the mare Mouna Bint Amarid (GR Amarid x Mouhannas Zera) and in Germany the mare Sabiyah El Bukra (Halim El Naarah x Samantha Samiha) as well as KP Aleem (KP Al Nakib Ibn Tameen x KP Aleena).

We are located at 20 minutes driving distance from the Brussels international airport.

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